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Once you’ve come to accept that you do need alcohol rehab, your first instinct might be to look at whatever rehab is geographically closest and the most local to you. But you would be making a big mistake because research statistics show that your best chance for a successful alcohol rehab occurs when you are outside of your everyday environment.

Researchers saw the highest pattern of failure occurring in those who chose to remain in their existing everyday environment when attempting their alcohol rehab. Staying in your current environment continually exposes you to the same harmful or negative influences that can hinder, and sometimes even prevent any chance of achieving a lasting recovery from alcohol or drugs. These everyday bad or negative influences can range from living or working in a situation where you feel always stressed out, to an even worse environment of being around other people who also abuse alcohol or drugs.

Once you know that leaving your current toxic environment will increase your chances for a successful and lasting recovery from alcohol or drugs, then the next question is, where else should I consider going for my alcohol rehab?

Research has shown that the beach areas in Florida have an average annual temperature of 75 degrees. Even if you live in states as far south as South Carolina, your average annual temperature is about 20 degrees cooler. So if you live much further north than South Carolina, for example, in the NY or NJ area, you know that your temperatures get a lot colder than South Carolina, and the further north you go geographically naturally, it keeps getting even colder.

This is why Florida is such a popular vacation destination and also a choice for alcohol rehab for people from both within the US and abroad. Europeans often choose Florida for their alcohol rehab for the very same reasons.

But just being a popular vacation destination is not enough to make somewhere a good location for alcohol rehab. Many vacation spots in the US and Europe are visually beautiful, historically interesting, and naturals for any family vacation. But what they don’t have are the lush palm trees and beautiful beaches with warm ocean temperatures heated by a tropical sun that create a naturally serene and meditative state. These features make beach locations ideal for helping anyone who is being treated for an alcohol problem.

Of course, warm and beautiful surroundings are not enough on their own for you to choose a alcohol rehab in Florida. If it were, you could go to any facility in Florida and receive the same level of care. A picturesque environment is only a starting place. The experience and reputation of the facility have to be the ultimate deciding factor.

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Coastal detox is a state-of-the-art drug and alcohol detox facility located on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast.

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1131 SE Indian St, Stuart, FL 34997
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